Juan Cruz Real is clear about what he wants for Junior de Barranquilla

Undoubtedly One of the teams that has created the most expectations in the preseason of Colombian Professional Soccer is Junior de Barranquilla., the ‘Tiburón’ painting stood out for its reinforcements, all of which are renowned.

Fernando Uribe, Daniel Giraldo, Miguel Ángel Borja, Nilson Castrillón, Yesus Cabrera, Omar Albornoz and Jorge Arias, are the new faces of the team, which hopes to appear in the BetPlay League and in the CONMEBOL South American.

Precisely the doubts on the part of the fans and a part of the press make the eyes fall on john royal cross, the Argentine coach was in charge of leading the team after the surprise departure of Arturo Reyes.

In an interview with the program “On the play” from RCN Radio, the strategist spoke about how he is going to work with the Barranquilla team full of figures.

“The club has made an effort to put together a group of competitive and quality footballers. We are working together to achieve a competitive team. The important thing is to have the human resources to later form the team that validates the proper names”.

Juan Cruz Real and what awaits in the Junior of Barranquilla. Photo: Twitter @JuniorClubSA

Regarding the issue of the forward, the uncertainty is whether Borja and Uribe can play together, to that Cruz Real affirmed: “They can play together, it doesn’t mean they have to play together. They can play when they complement each other, when the team can work well attacking and defending. Good players, and in this case two scorers, have to see how to make them play together and complement each other. We will see, we will have a lot of matches in a short time”.

Regarding the defense and the recent departure of Willer Ditta, the Argentine stated that with the recent arrival of Jorge Arias he has a good number of players, both right-handed and left-handed, which leaves him satisfied, since he has up to two or three per position.

“With a certain idea of ​​the game, which is what we will carry forward, we must also attack and defend, committed at a collective level, you cannot play only in one phase. Work well in both phases of the game”, he added.

Regarding his adaptation, Juan Cruz Real affirmed that he knows the player from the coast, that he found a squad with a lot of desire to work, that the coaching staff is very focused, he has found players with a lot of energy and ended by affirming that he has not felt the change from Cali to Barranquilla.

On the first date of the BetPlay League 2022 I, the ‘Tiburón’ team will host Patriotas at home, duel in which it will be released Juan royal cross as a strategist Junior of Barranquilla.

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