Juan Carlos Osorio apologized to the fans of América de Cali

América de Cali and Juan Carlos Osorio is a story full of love and disappointments, which has an extra actor who is the scarlet fan, which has been a fundamental factor in the process of the technician from Risaralda in Cali.

Since his arrival at the club, Osorio had a large part of the fans that did not feel comfortable with his presence, who always turned their backs on the coach.

Due to his poor performance throughout the round robin, many demonstrated against Juan Carlos Osorio, denying his work on social networks and a few insulting and criticizing him at Pascual Guerrero.

But, just as there were bad moments, there were also good ones and the most outstanding was that of the historic classification for home runs after the great victory as a visitor against the Sports Pereira.

Juan Carlos Osorio apologized to the fans of America and seeks to restore his image. Photo: Dimayor

Precisely these misunderstandings, made today at a press conference the coach of the America from Cali referred to the issue of fans and surprised everyone by apologizing to the team’s fans.

“Take the opportunity to offer my apologies if at any time I presented any type of sporting grievance or disappointment. My decision together with my family was to stay in this project, looking for the titles that this team is looking for and for the fans to get closer to the team; We need you on our side to be able to win in the way that we believe is good football”.

Something that the coach made clear is that he wants and will seek to improve his image with the scarlet fans, for which he made the decision to continue as coach of América de Cali, despite having to accept a series of decisions imposed by the sports committee of the club, conditions that he does not share.

“Restore my image with the American fans. If I have decided to stay in Colombia it is because I am convinced that with the players we have we can compete. I had two options, which was: step aside, or adjust to what the sports committee wants; I chose the latter, seeking to be very competitive”.

Let us remember that the Caleño team will begin its journey in the BetPlay League 2021 II facing the F.C. at the Pascual Guerrero stadium in Cali, commitment that will take place on Thursday, January 20 from 8:05 p.m..

After that, must visit Deportivo Pereira on Thursday, January 27 from 8:10 p.m..

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