Journalist Daniel Blancas is linked to criminal proceedings for altercation with journalists

Journalist Daniel Blancas Madrigal was linked to criminal proceedings on September 11, after the Special Prosecutor for Attention to Crimes Committed against Freedom of Expression (Feadle) will conduct an inquiry into an altercation with other communicators at a morning conference.

According to the first reports, the incident occurred on March 4, 2020, where some communicators began to push and slap each other, including Blancas Madrigal.

According to the newspaper “The chronic”, the journalist was called to its writing and sanctioned; however, Feadle investigated the case after AMLO’s morning altercation with other communicators.

In this regard, the journalist thanked the support of his colleagues and directors of the newspaper where he works, as well as other colleagues.

«Here I am, intact and with my head held high. I am grateful for support from executives and colleagues from the newspaper, and from colleagues. We will move on. They kidnapped him and the Prosecutor’s Office did nothing; he has friction with “pets” in the morning and they link him to criminal proceedings, “he commented at first.

«Also infinite thanks to those who, without knowing me, extend their hand to me and point out the absurdities from power. As a journalist, I will never fail them … », he added.

After what happened, Daniel Blancas added that this is a great opportunity to “reveal deficiencies and subordinations at the ministerial and judicial level, discover who rocks the cradle and value of genuine journalism in a country of injustices.”


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