Josi Martínez broke his silence in the face of a preliminary investigation initiated by Indecopi | Shows

Josi Martinez He was in the news again, but this time not because of some funny or viral video starring him, but because of the warning launched by the public entity Indecopi, which accused the influencer and others that they would not be complying with the regulations by evading the ad advertising in promoting sports betting.

As is known, for some time, the state organization began to regulate that area that was forgotten, which are social networks, since many public people generate profits through this means. That is why the inspection was started so that everyone is in order, but apparently some did not pay attention.

On the list of those investigated are Samahara Lobatón, Gianella Marquina, Josi Martínez and more. Before the news, the tiktoker announced the following statement on his official Instagram account.

Josi Martínez apologizes to his followers for covert publicity. Photo: Instagram / Josi Martínez


“We have detected that there was an omission of the hashtag ADVERTISING in the aforementioned stories, so we apologize for the inconvenience that could be generated,” he commented. He also added: “In Josi Martínez’s team we value the trust of the followers and we are committed to safeguarding their rights as consumers, fully complying with the legal regulations applicable to the dissemination of any type of advertising.”

Josi Martínez suffered homophobic attack in Miraflores

The social network TikTok has made more people known for their skills in making videos that go viral in a short time due to the type of content that is disseminated. One of those cases was that of the well-known Josi Martínez.

The teenage content creator is always in the news, but sadly, he has also been the victim of homophobic attacks. “They start calling me, insulting me using homophobic insults. I mean, it was horrible, do you understand me? And all caused by an act of homophobia. One even wanted to raise his hand to Mafer (friend) and at that moment Aarón (friend) gets in and defends her because, obviously, how is he going to hit her?

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