José Familia joins the Athens Sports Association

Despite having had the paint resolved as soon as the team was assembled, Verde found themselves in recent days with refusals that escaped their decisions. For that reason, it should have been released on the market and made use of the services of the Dominican José Familia, who will join the team led by Sebastián Saborido.

The pivot, 23 years old and 2.02 meters tall, comes the Greek with a background in basketball from France, a country where he played for Le Mans Sarthe Basket of Pro A; in Colombia and in Los Pepines (Cupes).

Just two weeks after starting the Super 20, Kennie Hall reported that he would not arrive in Córdoba due to a car accident and the previous death of his father; while Tomás Rossi must undergo surgery on his right foot and the recovery will take five months, so by mutual agreement the link was terminated, which is why the hiring of the Dominican.

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