José Aurelio Paz, National Journalism Award, dies of coronavirus

The Cuban official journalist José Aurelio Paz Jiménez, died this Tuesday at age 70, due to respiratory arrest produced by the coronavirus, reported the portal Cubajournalists.

In social networks, family members and colleagues from the union lamented the death of the veteran author, who used to sign his texts as JOPA.

“One of the great Cuban journalists has left us in a long time. Odd chronicler of the lofty and the worldly. Dreamlike, sarcastic and refractor of the national luminescence. An archangel who was torn between God and the devils of living in Cuba, between exquisiteness and flavor “, wrote the journalist Pepe Alejandro, from Rebel Youth.

Paz received several awards in his career. Among them, the “Juan Gualberto Gómez” National Journalism Award for the Work of the Year on two occasions (1995 and 1997). He also won the 2006 “Enrique Núñez Rodríguez” Award; National Prize for Cultural Journalism “José Antonio Fernández de Castro” in 2009.

In addition, he won awards and mentions in the July 26 National Journalism Contest, and the 2018 “José Martí” National Journalism Award for the Work of Life.

Born in Ciego de Ávila on September 27, 1951 and graduated in Philology from the Central University of Las Villas, Paz was in charge of the cultural page of the newspaper Invasive of his native province and regularly collaborated with the newspaper Rebel Youth. He practiced active journalism for more than twenty years.

Various Cuban journalists have died from the coronavirus in recent months, the most lethal of the pandemic on the Island since the beginning of the pandemic, in March 2020. At the end of August, José Luis Estrada Betancourt passed away, who wrote for about 15 years for the cultural pages of Rebel Youth.

More recently, the death of Cuban radio journalist Bárbara Sánchez Rojas, also due to medical complications associated with the coronavirus, which has officially extinguished the lives of almost 6,500 people in the country, after adding 76 deaths in the last 24 hours.

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