Jonathan García is eliminated from Exatlón México 2021

MEXICO.- This afternoon’s episode of Exatlón México was full of exciting moments and close competitions. This time the Reds team swept the duels as they emerged triumphant in five collective competitions, in addition to Briseida and Nataly winning the game for fame.

Given the congratulations for this rebirth in the performance of the Guardians, Alan commented that they improved when they began to think as a team and abandon personal interests.

“The key was knowing how to suffer; we knew how to deal with what was happening to us, we accepted it and changed it quickly ”, he commented.

They also took the opportunity to tell the Blues that they were great rivals and great people, and that they wished them the best in the future of the competition. The Pathfinders had five consecutive defeats; Although Koke showed good individual performance, they failed to work together. They assured that the situation was very difficult for everyone because they knew that a member of the team would be eliminated, but that they accepted it and would improve from here.

The Pathfinders faced an elimination duel for the first time. The three members of the team were chosen through voting; 4 names were placed on the voting board, but Ramiro was saved and the chosen ones were Osirys, Jonathan and Ricardo. The three entered the circuit with five lives and after the intense duel with Ricardo Jonathan was the loser of the competition and he became the fourth eliminated from Exatlón México.

Jonathan said goodbye to his teammates in tears, his participation in the Exatlón México 2021 came to an end after the close competition: “I’m leaving happy because I lived this experience”, were the words with which he said goodbye to his companions.

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