Johnny Marr announces double album “Fever Dreams Pts 1-4”

Former The Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr will release a new solo work. “Fever Dreams Pts 1-4” is his fourth album, comprises 16 tracks and will be released on February 25, 2022. The first EP “Fever Dreams Pt 1” will be heard this Friday (October 15).

“Fever Dreams Pts 1-4” is the first studio record by Johnny Marr since “Call The Comet” in 2018, which worked its way up to the top 10 in Great Britain. The presentation of his new album is somewhat unusual, if interesting. The title already suggests: “Fever Dreams Pts 1-4” is divided into four chapters.

Album Artwork zu Johnny Marrs „Fever Dreams Pts 1-4“

The first single can already be heard: It’s called “Spirit Power and Soul” and will be part of the first chapter. Three more tracks called “Receiver ‘”, “All These Days” and “Ariel” will be added. In addition to digital formats such as streams or downloads, the EP is also published as a “very limited 12 ″ vinyl”.

About the album, Johnny Marr says, “There are a number of influences and a very diverse sound that I’ve developed – basically since leaving The Smiths until now, and I hear it on this record. There are so many musical strands in it. We didn’t do it consciously, but I think I developed a sound vocabulary. And I am very happy that I managed to make it usable. “

“It’s an inspired record and I couldn’t wait to go in and record every day. But I had to go inside. “

A press release states: “Johnny Marr explores a variety of concepts and topics in his songs. With the world practically standing still during the making of the album, Marr concentrated on his inner workings as well as on the emotional and psychological states of others. “

Johnny Marr wrote and recorded Fever Dreams Pts 1-4 at the Crazy Face Factory in Manchester over the past year. It was created in collaboration with his band, with whom he has been performing for many years: co-producer Doviak, bassist Iwan Gronow and drummer Jack Mitchell. The American singer-songwriter Meredith Sheldon contributed backing vocals. Simone Marie from Primal Scream plays bass on three tracks of “Fever Dreams Pts 1-4”.

Tracklist for “Fever Dreams Pts 1-4”

  1. Spirit Power & Soul
  2. Receiver
  3. All These Days
  4. Ariel
  5. Lightning People
  6. Hideaway Girl
  7. Sensory Street
  8. Tenement Time
  9. The Speed of Love
  10. Night and Day
  11. Counter-Clock World
  12. Rubicon
  13. God’s Gift
  14. Ghoster
  15. The Whirl
  16. Human

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