Joe Rogan admits gritting his teeth after being checked for Covid-19 on his own podcast

Joe Rogan admitted he cringed after being checked on Covid-19, having messed up his own podcast – admitting he “got away” during the debate.

It all started when the podcaster sat down with Australian broadcaster and fellow podcast host Josh Szeps for a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience.

Everything was fine until Rogan started gushing out incorrect information about myocarditis – an inflammation of the heart muscles that can be a side effect of the Pfizer vaccine, but something that is much more often the result of contracting the Covid virus. -19.

Credit: YouTube / The Joe Rogan Experience

Rogan boldly stated that myocarditis is a “common” side effect in children who have received the vaccine, saying, “For young boys in particular, there is an unwanted risk associated with the vaccine. There is a doubling to four times the number of cases of myocarditis versus hospitalization. ”

But Szeps quickly cut him off to point out that this is not true, responding: “You know there is an increased risk of myocarditis among this age cohort of contracting Covid as well – which exceeds the risk. of myocarditis from the vaccine. ”

Rogan intervened, “I don’t think that’s true. I don’t think this is true. ”

But Szeps stood firm, simply saying, “That’s right.”

A provocative Rogan then asked his producer to do a quick online search to settle the debate – although the facts didn’t work in his favor, as he later admitted on Twitter.

“If anyone were to pass me off as an idiot on the podcast I’m glad it’s @joshzepps, because I love him and he’s awesome,” Rogan said on Twitter today (Jan. 14 ), sharing a link to an article that had led to his confusion.

He added, “This video is cranky, but that’s what happens when you stumble into a long-running podcast when you didn’t know a topic was going to be brought up and you kicked it off. ”

The producer had come across this article from a UK-based scientific journal, The new scientist, who clearly supported Szeps.

Rogan read aloud during the podcast episode: ” [Males aged] 12 to 17, were [most] likely to develop myocarditis within three months of Covid capture at a rate of 450 cases per million infections. This compares to 67 cases of myocarditis per million people the same age after their second dose of Pfizer.

Szeps then explained, “Yes, so you’re about eight times more likely to get myocarditis from getting Covid than from getting it from the vaccine. ”

Rogan appeared to move forward fairly quickly, saying the point was “interesting” before stepping away from fact-checking and internet research.

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