Joaquín’s example of overcoming: he is 10 years old, suffered serious burns and breaks it on social networks with his cakes

Joaquín Nahuel Núñez is a fan of Boca. In 2019, at the age of eight, he had the dream of meeting La Bombonera, of being in contact with some of his idols, of unleashing his passion for soccer. In those days, life’s destiny put him in front of a harsh trance that changed his life forever: he suffered burns to 25 percent of his body from a domestic incident and was hospitalized for weeks in intensive care. He is still recovering from the aftermath that that hard moment left him, but even so this boy from General Rodríguez smiles. And with a big, contagious smile.

His story of overcoming began to transcend because he set the goal of being a pastry chef. And he does it in such a way that he helps his family, makes donations to picnic areas and, little by little, he began to become a celebrity on social networks.

Now, at the age of ten, this moment when the lights fell on him, he was able to fulfill that desire to mix with the Boca footballers. He did it not only for the moment of sharing the photo with them, but he also allowed himself to take some of his creations to them. With his smile from ear to ear, he was seen with Lisandro López, Sebastián Villa, Carlos Zambrano and Luis Advíncula. And with a cake, of course.

The baby with four Boca players in the concentration of the Ribera team. (Photo:

It was one of the milestones that this boy who lives in the Parque Rivadavia neighborhood, in the western district of the Buenos Aires suburbs, was able to reach. It also began to transcend its working-class neighborhood, and a small celebrity took shape, because its social media publications began to multiply until it reached television channels.

The overcoming of Joaquín

Boca Juniors took note of Joaquín’s story told by the Zonales portal and summoned him for a move that was a kind of tour that every fan would like to do: get to know La Bombonera, step on its lawn, be interviewed for the club’s official YouTube channel and mingle with the players of the First Division team in concentration. The photo with the four players, in fact, was taken at the Intercontinental Hotel in Buenos Aires.

To get to the smile you have today, you had to overcome complex times. His life changed on April 5, 2019: he wanted to increase the heat of some embers on a grill, he threw alcohol too close to them and the fire reached him. 25% of his body was burned.

“It was all engulfed in flames. I didn’t have time for anything. All I wanted to do was get him to drop to the ground, roll. But it did not. I started screaming, my mom opened the door of her house and I pushed him inside. Since we couldn’t turn it off, my dad, who heard the screams, jumped out of bed and just as he came he hugged him with a jacket. He burned his hands and arms, but he turned it off ”, remembered Raquel, the mother.

The little pastry chef in action. At his age, an example of tenacity. (Photo:

He was hospitalized for a month in intensive care at the Instituto del Quemado. The prognoses were not encouraging, since the parents were told that “there was no evolution, that they were going to do everything possible but that it was in the hands of God, that more than they did they could not do,” recalls the mother. But his general picture improved in such a way that no organs had been affected by the fire.

Still, the parents heard the word “sequelae” from the doctors. He had lost the skin on his right arm, on both of his legs, his crotch, his neck, his ears, part of his chest and face. Thus, the placement of grafts to replace dead parts began, until the pandemic stopped the treatment due to the health emergency.

The lesions have already healed, so no more grafts can be placed on them. They have a therapeutic solution on hand: placing 4 expanders under the skin of the face that cost US $ 200 each for a facial reconstruction that, according to the mother, “can be done in one or two, as well as three, five or ten years, since your skin needs to grow ”.

His passion for pastry

At the age of 6 Joaquín began to bake cakes. In the beginning it was at the urging of his grandfather, who taught him to make cakes so that the family could share them with mate or tea. Small but tenacious, at first he did not have the best results but “after the accident he did it again and continued until four months ago, when he began to decorate and fill and in those months he had an incredible advance”, remarked his mother.

“I never did sweet things and neither did my mom. My husband cooks but no cakes and my dad only made homemade bread. It is something that he always liked since he was a child but he did not inherit this from anyone. We thought that with what happened he was going to leave but it was the opposite. There are things that he sees in videos and wants to make, and other recipes that he imagines, ”said Raquel. And, proudly, she stressed that “the sets she makes are incredible.”

Joaquín is in the fifth grade at School 7 in General Rodríguez. He has four siblings, ages 12, 8, 7 and 2. The house in the Parque Rivadavia neighborhood is revolutionized. The baby enjoys the moment and wants to advance with learning through courses. For now, he shares his recipes with posts on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. It has tens of thousands of followers on social networks, in which it receives hundreds of reactions.

So strong was the repercussion that his case had that the boy was already encouraged to record a video in which he transmitted a message of improvement. “I want to give some advice to the kids who had the same accident as mine, who are disabled or who had another health problem: don’t give up, fight it, everything will be fine. And that their parents accompany them in every dream that the boys have, “he says in the TikTok recording.

Now he uses his networks as a platform for his entrepreneurship by which he sells his creations in Facebook groups and on his Instagram account. At the moment, the family makes the deliveries in remises (when they are in General Rodríguez) and they also use the train to go to neighboring cities. “We are trying to get mobility, even if it is to pay, so that he does not lose his orders because they make some very large ones from Merlo, San Antonio de Padua, and we are far away to take everything by public transport,” said the mother.

Joaquín at his house in the Parque Rivadavia neighborhood of General Rodríguez. (Photo:

Joaquín tries to be self-sustaining with his business. The mother indicated that she has saved the money she earned and that she will invest it in equipment: molds of all sizes, cutters, nozzles, sleeves, turntables, processor, mixer, mixers and blenders. “We gave him money and he kept it. He did not spend it and later he bought flour and eggs, milk, to make cakes. His siblings used up everything right away, ”said the mother, who was also grateful to the neighbors who have helped with donations.

Now he goes for other dreams about his passions. One, related to Boca, is to meet Carlos Tevez. And the other, already in the pastry shop, is to be face to face with Damián Betular. Strength to achieve it, he has plenty. This is how his dad, Adam, put it. “He is the pride of us and of many people because most of the things we went through were very bad. This changes us a lot. When he suffered the accident he told me that he did not want to die, that really touched us and I, as a father, will always support him ”. / Via Country

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