JK Simmons’ Commissioner Gordon will be more important than in Justice League

Actor JK Simmons will reprise the role of Jim Gordon in Batgirl and made it clear that he will be more important in the HBO Max movie than in Justice League.

In addition to lending his voice to the indestructible Omni-Man in the animated series Invincible Amazon Prime Video and returning to Marvel as the irascible J. Jonah Jameson in the MCU’s Spider-Man franchise, JK Simmons will also be returning to Warner and DC sets for the next Batgirl. The HBO Max-bound movie will focus on the solo adventures – and possibly the origin story – of Barbara Gordon, another iconic member of the Gotham City Batfamily who is none other than Jim Gordon’s daughter.

After putting on the police chief’s glasses in the disastrous Justice League, JK Simmons will therefore play alongside actress Leslie Grace, hired last July to wear the heroine’s costume. His screen time is not very important in Zack Snyder’s film, the actor will be a little more highlighted if we are to believe his interview in the last episode of the podcast Happy, Sad, Confused from MTV:

The Jim Gordon of JK Simmons we never thought to see again

I was completely flabbergasted that they’ve come back to me recently and want me to be Commissioner Gordon again, and a bigger role …. I can’t wait to do that. I think I will contact [ndlr : l’actrice Leslie Grace] and the directors in the next few days and do some preliminary rehearsals. They start very soon, then I will go in January to Glasgow, which is a wonderful location for filming because it is gothic. I can’t wait to be the old and the future Jim Gordon“.

In addition to confirming that Gordon will be in a real role, likely with his own story arc, the actor also revealed that production will start in January 2022, although no release date has yet been announced. Yes Batgirl set in the same universe as Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and the rest of the Justice League, perhaps Bruce Wayne, and more specifically Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne, will make an appearance in the Adil El Arbi-directed movie and Bilall Fallah.

Batgirl : Photo Killing Joke Batman BatgirlBarbara Gordon alias Batgirl

The actor let go of the Dark Knight cloak after Zack Snyder’s superhero reunion failed, but agreed to reprise the role in The Flash, where he will share the screen with Michael Keaton’s Batman. It is also possible that he decides to definitively slam the door of the DCEU and that the existence of the superhero is simply mentioned by the other characters, without returning in front of the camera. In addition to JK Simmons’ Jim Gordon, the film The Batman worn by Robert Pattinson will also introduce his version of the character, this time played by Jeffrey Wright on Earth-2.

Before having the first glimpses of Batgirl, the public will be able to find JK Simmons in Spider-Man : No Way Home, in theaters from December 15 in France.

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