Jewelry robbery: They offer a juicy reward for accurate data

The millionaire robbery, which occurred days ago to a jewelry store in the Continental Gallery, is still shrouded in mystery. The owner offered a reward of $200,000 to anyone who provides accurate data that allow to find the malefactors who made jewelry valued at 6 million pesos; if you don’t get them back by the end of the month, you’ll have to close your business.

The owner of the business, Carla Iturbe Chagra, spoke with Professional FM and said that from the prosecution they told him that it is an operation carried out with intelligence because they used an alarm jammer. He added that so far they have only been able to identify a van leaving the area where the robbery occurred.

“In the early hours of Saturday they pry the door of my premises, before having struggled the bars of the gallery. The other premises and that part of the gallery do not have cameras”, said who at the same time gave his cell phone number (3884386179) so that the citizen can communicate in case of any news; time is running out and she feels desperate it is about her capital of eleven years of work.

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