Jennifer López and Ben will spend Christmas together and Jennifer Garner is invited

The romance of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck It is going from strength to strength and it seems more and more solid, so much so that Bennifer decided that they wanted to spend Christmas together, enjoying the great family they have formed, that is why she is also invited for dinner Jennifer Garner.

And it is that although Ben Affleck has been divorced from Jennifer Garner since 2018Both have maintained a close and respectful relationship in favor of their three children: Violet, Seraphina and Samuel, so on important dates they always live together and come together to live together as a family.

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For some, this behavior may be strange, but for others it is something that should be done without joking, because children should always put themselves first and it seems that this is something that Jennifer López also thinks, who also gets along wonderfully with her ex Marc Anthony and father of his friends.

Hence a source close to the Hollywood actors He told OK that the couple is thinking of spending Christmas together and that they have decided that they accuse not only their children, but that the protagonist of “If I were 30” has also been invited to live with their children.

Especially because according to the anonymous source, Ben Affleck does not care what they will say and is more concerned that his children have a good life, so for Christmas he wants to have them with him but without having to leave Jennifer López aside, so They decided that everyone will attend the dinner.

Although it has not yet been reported in the house who they will meet, but it could be a neutral territory like the house of the actor who gives life to Batman because although his former actress of “Wall Street scammers“They get along well, they are not the best of friends, so you probably won’t see them doing things together other than children.

The holidays, an opportunity to meet

This is not the first time that Jennifer López and Jennifer Garner meet for a celebration, because according to People, on Halloween the actresses spent several hours together with their children, with whom they went trick-or-treating in the company of Ben Affleck, so that the family already knows the dynamics.

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And it is that the children of Ben Affleck have become very close with Max and We do not and they wanted to go trick-or-treating together, so the diva from the Bronx did not hesitate to share several hours with the ex of her current boyfriend and ex-fiancé, because each one is aware that the important thing is the children.

That is why in the midst of this increasingly solid romance, Ben Affleck has made it very clear that he wants his children to see that although his marriage to Jennifer Garner did not work out, that does not mean that they cannot get along and respect each other. and their relationships.

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