Jennifer Lawrence talks about why she smoked a firecracker for the Netflix movie

To be able to play a scene from Don’t Look Up: Cosmic Denial on Netflix, Jennifer Lawrence had to go through the smoke box.

Some actors sell their biscoteaux for the promotion of their films (that is to say almost all the stars of action films), others speak of projection in the tortured psyche of their characters (we remember the overpromotion Jared Leto as Joker or even Adam Driver as Kylo Ren) … and, sometimes, some boast of having had to smoke chimneys of questionable substances.

With the comedy well barred and full of conspiracy Don’t Look Up: Cosmic Denial, we suspect that an actress like Jennifer Lawrence, who had the impression of having screwed up her career, is a little confused in such a configuration. Fortunately, thanks to the prodigious advice of director Adam McKay, the actress was able to put on a good big firecracker in order to be able to play a precise scene of the film.

But what a damn

In an interview with Yahoo! Entertainment, McKay spoke about Lawrence’s character, scientist Kate Dibiasky. The director frequently treating his anxiety with marijuana, he thought it wise for the actress to smoke a firecracker, at least for a scene full of opposition with the character of Meryl Streep (who plays the role of a crooked policy):

“Jennifer asked me instantly if she was just going to have to improvise to play a high person. And I told her, no, she could really smoke for the purposes of this scene.”

Don't Look Up: Cosmic Denial: Photo Meryl StreepTo compete with Meryl Streep, you need what it takes

Moreover, Lawrence (who was with McKay for this interview) adds a lot of funny comments like what she had suddenly become brilliant, under the influence of his little firecracker. Casually, the slight insistence on this anecdote almost raises questions about the interest of telling it.

One way to aim for a nomination? In general, we like to reward the realism and devotion of an actor, who goes so far as to literally do what he can pretend to do (small thought for the stunts of Tom Cruise). In any case, Don’t Look Up: Cosmic Denial will air from December 24, 2021 on Netflix, and there is something to be very curious about this comedy full of nonsense.

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