Jennifer Arias: Plenary did not process the proposal to remove from office – Congress – Politics

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The Uribista representative found the support of the Government bench, which prevented a proposal from being voted against, to a large extent, arguing that the regular channel is different and that this would lead Congress to overreach in its functions, so that they could prevaricate.

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“That is the first instance, the Ethics Commission, and the second instance is the plenary session of the House of Representatives, that is the procedure regulated in law 1828,” said the vice president of the House, Carlos Ardila.

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We believe in due process and the presumption of innocence

The opposition, for its part, ruled on the case. After Arias and Representative Mario José Pizarro had a talk, the politics of the Decency List somehow predicted what was about to happen.

“We are going to put to the vote a proposal that is already lost because they are going to break the quorum, that is, they are not going to vote and that is the Congress we have, that is why we have to change it,” he said.

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