Jennifer Aniston poses in a bath towel, without makeup and empowers with her wrinkles at 52

Jennifer Aniston poses in a bath towel, without makeup and empowers with her wrinkles at 52. | Special

Jennifer Aniston poses in a bath towel, without makeup and empowers with her wrinkles at 52, because the star of Friends, shared in networks an image coming out of the shower. Although she had already been seen without makeup, it is the first time that “Rachel Green” closely boasts the passage of time.

Without a doubt, Jennifer Aniston remains one of the most beloved actresses on television and film. After the success of “Friends” Several years after the final chapter was broadcast, its impeccable style and simplicity continue to steal our hearts.

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In full maturity at 52 springs, Aniston has become an icon of the modern woman, the one who loves her profession and squanders self-esteem, because although in love she has not done the best, after two divorces and a successful career she has made it clear that she does not need a man to be happy and that you can also be a successful woman without being a mother.

It was yesterday when Jennifer Aniston surprised on social networks by appearing wrapped in a towel, they are a drop of makeup and with their hair free of extensions, empowering with their wrinkles and their attitude towards life.

The picture of Jennifer Aniston With her face washed, she became a trend on social networks and once again was praised by her followers, who celebrate how beautiful she has been preserved over time.

Jennifer Aniston arrasa al lado de Reese Witherspoon

This week Jennifer Aniston shared great news with his followers, next to Reese Witherspoon confirmed the third season of “The Morning Show”, a series that since its first delivery through the Apple TV platform has given a new air to her acting career, confirming that she is one of the best actresses today.

After sweeping various awards ceremonies with the character of “Alex”, Jennifer Aniston has empowered with this story where strong, self-confident and brave women stand out, something that has been very welcome by the audience.

Jennifer She is one of the actresses who has taken the most care of this pandemic, so it is not yet known when she will start recording the new installment of the series, but it is certain that she will continue to waste talent alongside the great cast.

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For now, Aniston continues to captivate with its beauty and confirms that women over 50 are full of light and magic and that it is not necessary to overdo the arrangements to continue feeling beautiful.

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