Jenna Phillips, the woman who left her job to work as a “puppy” on OnlyFans; now he earns almost 18 million pesos a month

The story of a woman went viral on social networks after it became known that she left her job to work as a “puppy” on the platform of OnlyFans, which has left him millions of pesos a month.

Jenna Phillips She began to have fame on the networks for her videos in which she acts as if she were a puppy. At 21 years old, the young woman uploads content on her platforms where she performs actions as if she were a puppy and even uses pet toys, among other bizarre things.

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The videos began to go viral on TikTok, in which they also include her partner, who acts as if he were her “owner” and takes her for a walk like a pet.

His proposal brought him great popularity that he decided to transport him to OnlyFans, where he began to earn 900 thousand dollars, almost 18 million pesos, per month for his performance.

Jenna, who practices kink (an unconventional sexual practice or fantasy), says she feels happy and safe with what she does, in addition to earning enough money to support herself for many years.

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