Jean Philippe Cretton criticó a Johannes Kaiser

The controversial sayings of the elected MP Johannes Kaiser they keep giving what to talk about. This after Kaiser became popular in social networks for a series of comments against women.

Some of these were related to his rejection of women’s suffrage, apology for rape, among other topics. The subject cIt had such an impact throughout Chile that Kaiser had to apologize.

However, this was not enough. Since hours later the parliamentarian announced his resignation from the political partyor that gave him the quota for his candidacy, the Republican Party of José Antonio Kast.

The elected deputy was filled with criticism from various characters from the political world and television. One of the most critical was Jean Philippe Cretton who went all out against Johannes Kaiser.

Jean Philippe Cretton rechaza las palabras by Johannes Kaiser

Jean Philippe Cretton joins the criticism that figures as Claudia Conserva and Mónica Rincón made on the recent words of the elected deputy, Johannes Kaiser.

The television presenter used his social networks to download and express his rejection of the fact. A situation that Cretton described as “Serious for democracy.” The animator posted an Instagram story where he was outraged by Kaiser’s words.

“Beyond the sad and very dangerous political polarization that we have today. We must reach a consensus that people like this cannot be in positions of authority “, said the show host We can talk.

«Questioning the right to vote of women. Saying that feminist rapists should be decorated, that it was good to shoot in Pisagua. They cannot be left behind in the discussion between left and right. This is serious for democracy. Very serious”, added Jean Philippe Cretton.

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