JB’s Wasap will present a sketch on the case of César Acuña and Christopher Acosta | Jorge Benavides | Shows

Last Thursday, January 13, the renowned Peruvian imitator Jorge Benavides has once again stirred up social networks with the announcement of his next sketch. This time it would be nothing less than the dispute that is taking place between César Acuña and the journalist Christopher Acosta. True to his style, Benavides uploaded a photograph to his official Instagram account where he presented the characters that will appear on the scene.

In the photograph you can see Jorge Benavides himself characterized as César Acuña along with Enrique Espejo, the popular ‘Yuca’, who plays Christopher Acosta.

Within the details of the characterization you can see how ‘Yuca’ uses a pole that says “Cancha como plata” and at the same time holds the book with the same title, in parody of the original.


Finally, Benavides accompanied the funny photo with a description where

“Guess who will be this Saturday at JB on ATV? Don’t miss it! ”, Reads Benavides’s Instagram post.

What happened between Acuña and Acosta?

The journalist Acosta has been sentenced to suspended prison under the accusation of Acuña for having included 55 defamatory phrases in the Silver book as a court. As if that were not enough, in the sentence against the journalist, a civil compensation of 400,000 soles has also been requested in favor of the Trujillo businessman.

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