Jazpincita does not stop: the fiery chats she published with Pavón and Centurión and the scandal with Mica Tinelli and her boyfriend

The erotic model shared in her networks risque conversations with the footballer and left the Vélez Sarsfield player offside.

The porn actress Jazpincita is on everyone’s lips after she published a spicy round trip between Mica Tinelli and her, where the blonde made a more than indecent proposal to Lisandro López.

Marcelo Tinelli’s daughter came out with the end caps and said without a filter: “Che, sister. Locate yourself in the palm tree.” Jazpincita then jokingly replied: “Sorry, let’s have a threesome.” The designer, angrily, argued that “the girls like that remain.”

But the erotic actress redoubled the bet and went for more: she published compromising chats with “Kichán” Pavón and a fundamental test that could involve several Boca players.

On her Instagram account, Jazpincita showed the messages she received from Pavón:

Jazpincita’s chats with Kichán Pavón.

On the other hand, in his talk with Mica Tinelli, he gave a test involving Ricardo Centurión and several players from the Boca squad. Without a filter, he accused them of “taking girls to the Hotel Faena” in Puerto Madero and showed Centurión’s supposed chat with an unknown recipient.

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