Javier Paso was arrested in Trelew

It should be remembered that the event occurred on Sunday, August 1 and on Thursday, August 5, he died in the Caleta Olivia Zonal Hospital, after being in a coma since that weekend.

Aparicio participated in a meeting of friends and around 05:00, with the group totally drunk after a long night, argued with another until they were fist-blowed. In the fight, he was stabbed in the head and in various parts of the body. His attacker fled the scene.

In the event, staff from the Third Police Station Division, Who, when alerted about the confrontation, arrived at the home and found that in the house located in Beauvoir at 1300, a man was on the ground seriously injured and totally bloody.

That day, the witnesses to the confrontation disclosed the identity of the aggressor, who is intensely wanted and, according to what was reported, due to the fatal outcome, it is not ruled out that he surrenders to justice.

During this time, several raids were carried out, both in Caleta Olivia and in Chubut, failing to have the desired results.

Subsequently, the arrest order was issued at the national level, to find Javier Paso, 20, until yesterday that in the afternoon he was arrested, when police personnel were carrying out a patrol in the province of Chubut, in which the police also participated. Minister of Security, Federico Massoni; the Chief of Police, Miguel Gómez, the Director of the Judicial Police, Adrián Muñoz and the second Chief of the Regional Unit of Trelew, Cristian Sartor.

In this regard, Massoni explained that “we were doing a patrol and on Calle Gales at 4400, we detected the person who is charged with committing a homicide in the city of Caleta Olivia.”

He pointed out that “we had the information that the murderer could be in the province of Chubut, and indeed he was in the city of Trelew. So when we detected him on the street, we went down and started a chase towards his house and he was arrested along with another person for cover-ups ”, he reported.

The Minister specified that “we have already communicated with the Head of Police of the Province of Santa Cruz and the Chief of Security, and now the procedure marks that the judge who is carrying out this murder case will be immediately brought to the attention ”.

Regarding the event that occurred in that city of Santa Cruz, Massoni explained that it was “at a clandestine party at approximately 05:00, when a fight began between two young men and in that fight one punches him in the back and another in the base. from the skull to the other person, causing death “after a few days.

The defendant fled and “they start looking for him in Santa Cruz, but we had the information that at the very moment the party ended they brought him here through a relative,” he said.

The 20-year-old is detained in Trelew and in the next few hours will be transferred to Santa Cruz “to render accounts to justice.”

Family order

The family of Víctor Ricardo Aparicio used social networks to demand justice, one of the posts says: “We are not going to rest until it is done. Justice and all who were involved in the murder pay for this irreparable pain that they caused us. He went to look for a better future and help his family and now they return him to us in a drawer, ”wrote his relatives, who are from the Province of Salta. “We do not want this to be one more case that goes unpunished,” they requested.

On the other hand, Aparicio’s sister wrote: “We are going to be at the foot of the canyon so that each responsible person pays for the pain they caused us. A piece of our hearts was taken from us. You had just turned 21, my black, a whole life ahead of you. Not even the distance is going to prevent justice from being done ”, concludes the post.

One of the tattoos described by the police to find Paso.

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