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The Commission for the Promotion of Peru for Exports and Tourism, Promperú, sent a communication in which they clarify that the model Jamila Dahabreh participates in the Expo Fair Dubai event as an official representative of the country. The influencer had shared a series of photos in a hall dedicated to the Andean nation claiming to be part of the show.

Given this, they issued a statement that was shown in the edition of Wednesday, November 24, Magaly TV, the firm. In the text, the condition of the businesswoman at the international fair is explained.


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“So far, the pavilion has been visited by more than 236,000 people from all over the world, this figure is increasing day by day because it has been considered within the select list of the 10 most beautiful of Expo 2020 Dubai” , specify the ad.

“Nor has he accessed the privileges or resources of the State”, it is clarified in the first paragraphs.

Response of the Commission for the Promotion of Peru for Exports and Tourism to the questions of Magaly Medina. Photo: Promperú communiqué

Jamilah Dahabreh did not participate in official days

In the same way, the commercial entity assures that Dahabreh has not participated in conferences in the pavilion dedicated to Peru.

“We wish to fully record that at no time has the aforementioned Mrs. Dahabreh held meetings of a commercial nature or participated in business conferences inside the pavilion,” the document states.


Jamilah Dahabreh’s company is still under evaluation

Finally, it details that although Jamilah’s company is applying to participate in the commercial round scheduled for January 19 and 20, 2022, it is still under evaluation.

“The photographs and videos disseminated are those that every tourist who visits our facilities could usually have. (…) It is important to point out that some photos shown in your report do not correspond to the Peruvian flag. There you can see products that we do not recognize and a flag of the Arab Emirates that does not have our flag ”, reads the second page.

Promperú’s release after being criticized. Photo: Promperú communiqué

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