Jamie Lee Curtis: "Without ‘Halloween’ it would not have left its mark on the cinema"

Los Angeles.- He began his career with 19 years fleeing from Michael Myers And, four decades later, he still hasn’t gotten rid of it. Jamie Lee Curtis go back one more time to “Halloween“with the ribbon”Halloween Kills“and assures that this emblematic horror saga has given him everything he has achieved in the cinema.

“Without ‘Halloween’ it would not have left a mark,” he affirms to the one known as “scream queen“.

After relaunching the saga with “Halloween“(2018), a direct sequel to the original and mythical”Halloween“(1978) by John Carpenter, Curtis presents this Friday in cinemas and the platform Peacock “Halloween Kills”, second part of this trilogy that will close next year “Halloween Ends“.

Where does the movie continue?

Like in the movie three years ago, David Gordon Green is the director and Jason blum, one of the capitalized men of contemporary horror, the architect in production.

Halloween Kills“starts exactly where it left off”Halloween“: Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis), their daughter Karen (Judy Greer) and her granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak) have locked up Michael Myers In a burning cellar to rot in the flames. But Michael Myersof course he finds a way to escape.

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