Jamaica was born, the first daughter of the ragman L-Ghent

This morning the trap singer L-Gante was a father with his girlfriend Tamara. He announced it through two stories on his account on the Instagram network.

In one of them he is seen waiting for the birth in the hospital, in the middle of the morning, speculating that it will occur at 4:20, playing with his traditional expression “Cumbia 420” in reference to marijuana, a substance whose consumption defends the ragpicker.

“Jamaica was born there, the kids made me second,” said the singer from the door of the health center in a video in which some people wish him congratulations. Moments later he published two photos in which the baby is seen with the data of the time of birth: 4.29 in the morning.

The ragman had been in the news on the same Sunday as PASO since his arrival at the San Martín school where he had to carry out the electoral act revolutionized the neighborhood. Hundreds of fans were waiting for him at the door to convey their affection, as seen in a video that he published.

After the news was known, thousands of fans shared the publication and wished the singer congratulations and made the girl’s name “Jamaica” a trend in the networks.

Source: Télam

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