Jalisco stadiums, ready to apply anticovid measures

A sports weekend is coming up in the Perla Tapatia, from soccer with the debut of the Guadalajara teams Atlas in the First Division and Leones Negros in the Expansion League, as well as the first two games of the final of the Mexican Pacific League with the Charros of Jalisco.

However, it will not be like any other weekend, but it will have the peculiarity that those who want to attend these sporting events will have to abide by the instructions established by the State Government, such as Present the Vaccination Certificate, as well as a negative PCR test valid for a maximum of 48 hours, without forgetting the carrying mandatory mask at all times.

Both the champion Atlas, the Leones Negros and the Charros de Jalisco announced that they will abide by the instructions of the authorities and comply with the protocols. Initially, they will only open the capacity of their stadiums by 60 percent.

But how to present the required documents? Fans of legal age who attend these properties, They can bring their vouchers either in physical form, with a copy photostatic either the original, or digitally, without forgetting an official identification.

Remember that you can present the vaccination certificate, both national and foreign, or the proof of both one and two-dose vaccines, regardless of the drug’s manufacturing laboratory.


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