Jaime Chincha shines with a Silver polo shirt as court after César Acuña’s trial of a journalist | Christopher Acosta | PHOTO | Shows

In recent days, the story of Christopher Acosta has monopolized the main covers of most news media. The journalist was sentenced to two years in suspended prison and the payment of a civil compensation of 400,000 soles after being accused of the crime of defamation against César Acuña after publishing the book Plata como cancha.

This sentence has been considered abusive by public opinion and by the main characters of the national press, who have shown different messages and gestures in favor of the reporter in recent days. Now Jaime Chincha also joined this group with a detail during his program on RPP.


Jaime Chincha shows off with a Silver polo shirt as a court in solidarity with Christopher Acosta

The driver of La rotativa del aire came out dressed in a polo shirt that bore the same title as Christopher Acosta’s book: Plata como cancha. The reporter himself cited the tweet published by the station highlighting the gesture he showed in favor of his colleague.

Jaime Chincha comes out in support of Christopher Acosta. Photo: RPP capture

“This is how we go on the air today,” Jaime Chincha wrote on his official Twitter account. Previously it had been his own Acosta who made this garment fashionable, since with it he appeared on the day of the final hearing of the trial before César Acuña.

JB’s Wasap will present a sketch on the case of César Acuña and Christopher Acosta

The case between César Acuña and Christopher Acosta has been the main topic of recent days. For this reason, Jorge Benavides did not want to miss the opportunity and through his social networks he presented the initial sketch of what his parody of this fact will be.

JB will impersonate the former presidential candidate, while Yuca will play the Latina journalist. In addition, this sketch will mark the return of Enrique Espejo to the program after several months away from the screen.

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