& quot; It’s very cool & quot ;: Carlos Díaz unleashed laughter in & quot; El Discípulo del Chef & quot; after imitating Sergi Arola

Carlos Diaz starred in a funny moment after imitating Sergi Arola in the middle of evaluating Ennio Carota, who had to define the team that was going to be eliminated.

While the “Hidden Truths” actor and Miguelito presented the Peruvian food dish that the red team prepared, the French chef made a peculiar request.

I ask you a favor? This dish is going to have a different taste … Can you present it to me Sergi style?“Ennio Carota asked him. Carlos Díaz, immediately, nodded and adopted Arola’s gestures, with complete naturalness.

The funny imitation of Carlos Díaz to Sergi Arola

The actor of “Amanda”, using the tone of voice of his teacher in the kitchen, started by saying: “It is a dish that I have eaten and I have cooked … specifically it is from the restaurant in Lima that I have. Done many times and it’s really cool. ”

Carlos Díaz unleashed laughter among Sergi Arola, Carolina Bazán and the rest of the applicants. The artist continued with his imitation, putting on the glasses of the Spanish cook.

“I have a great, great friend who is from Singapore, who is Peruvian, he comes directly from Singapore to Peru, he works with me and, this … well, we have introduced them there“, finished the artist, laughing.

It works out the same, I can’t“Princess Alba said, laughing non-stop, while Ennio Carota assured her that with his explanation everything was very clear to her.

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