It’s time to end the lockdowns

I am not one of those who accuse the Legault government of making fun of the population or of taking advantage of the crisis to subject Quebecers to some evil design.

François Legault is doing what he can to manage the crisis. He gives himself body and soul and dreams like everyone else of a return to normality.

This does not prevent me from criticizing certain measures. But I do not doubt the good faith of the government.


Such is also the attitude of the vast majority of Quebecers who continue, despite everything, to support him.

But something has happened since the return to drastic measures on New Year’s Eve.

Everyone feels that the government has slipped, that it has overstepped its bounds, that it has abused, thinking it is doing well, the resilience of Quebecers, and that it is beginning to pay the price.

His decision to suspend the curfew testifies to this. He had wanted to hit hard, very hard, but he had hit too hard. It pays the price on two levels.

First, adherence to the measures decreases.

Then, the CAQ is politically weakened, and only maintains its place in the polls because of the splitting of the opposition.

Quebec is now trying to regain its footing.

It must be said that everywhere in the Western world, the dominant approach is no longer general confinement.


We repeat everywhere that we have to live with the virus. The Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, thus affirmed a few days ago that it was now necessary to see covid no longer as a pandemic, but as a flu.

In other words, everywhere, we are trying to trivialize covid. That doesn’t mean pretending it doesn’t exist.

This means that you have to change your approach mentally and no longer live in permanent emergency and repeated confinements.

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