it’s official, the series will also have the right to its reboot

NBC has given the green light for production of the series reboot pilot Code Quantum. Scott Bakula could participate in the adventure.

Code Quantum, it is one of those legendary television programs of the 90s. Landed on NBC by Brandon Tartikoff, president of the channel at the time, the series must fulfill a more modern expectation than the competition. She will thus recount the travels in time by transmutations of Doctor Samuel Beckett (Scott Bakula), who will arrange sad situations of the past., aided by Rear Admiral Al (Dean Stockwell, who recently passed away with lasting memories), his hologram, his remote control, and the Ziggy computer.

If the series has marked the spirits with its borrowings from alchemy, or the theological or metaphysical reflections that it has distilled in the minds of the spectators, it also marked an abrupt end to say the least, synonymous with the end of the series after 5 seasons. Except that she is going to come back to the same channel that broadcast the original series (has anyone gone back in time by transmutation to push NBC to do it?).

Dean Stockwell’s disappearance raises the question of a ‘new’ Al in the reboot series

Indeed, according to The Hollywood Reporter, NBC has finally given the green light for the production of a reboot pilot from the Serie. His scenario would be as follows:

It’s been 30 years since Doctor Sam Beckett (Scott Bakula) entered the Time Accelerator and disappeared. Now a new team has been assembled to relaunch the project in the hope of understanding the mysteries behind the machine and its creator.

According to THR, Scott Bakula could be involved but for now, it is impossible to be sure that he will participate in the reboot series. Perhaps he will return in a secondary role, the new team possibly trying to find him, which could obviously delight the fans of the first hour? In any case, his presence would not be surprising since in September 2021, Scott Bakula was already talking about long discussions around a resurrection of the franchise:

“I don’t know what it would be like. I don’t know who would. The rights have been a knot for years. I don’t know if it’s fixed. It’s always been the biggest problem.”

Code Quantum : photo Code Quantum

Will the reboot keep the same curiosity and the same humanism?

If the reboot project seems to involve the services of Steven Lilien and Bryan Wynbrandt (showrunners on the series Gotham), it is especially the presence of Donald P. Bellisario that is to be noted. The creator of Code Quantum but also of Magnum, Supercopter or NCIS: Special Investigations will not be too much to give a scent of mythical science fiction series legacyquel from the 90s to this reboot, which will also be produced by Universal.

It remains to be seen whether Scott Bakula will be in the game. To tell the truth, what better to hope for to find at least a little of the Code Quantum that we loved.

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