It’s official: Nestor "That" García is the new coach of the Argentine basketball team

The Argentine Basketball Confederation (CAB) confirmed this Tuesday that Néstor “Che” García will be the new coach of the National Team. With an extensive trajectory, The coach from Bahía Blanca will make his official debut on November 25, at home, against Paraguay, at the beginning of the qualifying windows for the 2023 World Cup.

Che will succeed Sergio Hernández, who left his deep mark after 12 years at the head of the national team and made it clear that he will support and help the new coach in whatever way he can.

García, has already led a total of 30 teams (21 different) in nine different countries, but nothing compares with the brand new news, who achieved three very significant titles with the Venezuelan team (two South American, 2014 and 2016, and the 2015 World Cup. , defeating Argentina in two of them in the final).


In statements to the press department of the CAB, García offered his first sensations when his arrival in the National Team was confirmed.

“At last it happened… This is a dream and, at the same time, a great responsibility. The biggest of my career. So I want to thank everyone who has allowed me to get here and to the confidence of President Fabián Borro and the Board of Directors of the Confederation. And also announce that mine will not be a personalist leadership. It will go through listening, composing, continuing and surrounding myself with the best. A new cycle begins in Argentine basketball, always respecting a legacy. I am very eager and excited to go for the big goal that Argentina remains in the elite of world basketball, “he said.

“It is a very special day because although I directed in eight other countries, I feel very Argentine and I wanted this opportunity. It’s something amazing. Because I was everywhere but, in the end, I wanted to lead our National Team. I already did it in that South American (NdeR: undefeated champion in Chaco 2012, with Leo Gutiérrez as MVP and two young talents like Facu Campazzo, Nico Laprovittola and Marcos Delía) and before as Julio’s assistant (Lamas) in the Pre-Olympic, but this will be something else. Today I truly feel that I made a career ”, he analyzed.

“This appointment is the most important in my long career because one thing is to represent the country as a foreigner and another is to be inside. I have had to play against Argentina, listen to the anthem of my country, the one that hired me and believed in me, and Argentina’s opposite, and they are very strong things. I am very Argentine, in everything. And I feel that this recognition they give me is more for what I was outside and now I have to ratify it inside. And we will try to do it in this new stage ”, explained the DT.


Finally, “Che” spoke of the first objectives that he will face as a coach of the National Team. “The main one will be to maintain the place in the elite that Argentina has occupied for decades.”

He also spoke of the importance of the results, of the ranking, of continuing among the powers, but clarified that “sports will go hand in hand with this new stage in which we will seek to bring everyone together. I am someone with a very pure feeling towards everyone, I am not prejudiced or have differences. I feel that I arrive with support in all sectors, but with each one I will speak and listen. It would be a mistake to shut me down. I am going to surround myself with many people and the best there is, because a new time is coming for me and even for those who have already participated in great things. We will have to adjust to that change and seek to continue growing ”, he closed.

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