‘It’s frustrating,’ says Nath Campos about ‘Rix’s’ release from prison

Natalia Campos prefers not to speak about the news that her attacker, Ricardo González, “Rix”, left the Oriente Prison in the early hours of September 10 to continue his process in freedom for the crime of equal rape.

In January 2021, the daughter of Kiko Campos denounced her colleague through a video on YouTube, where she told details of the sexual assault she suffered on June 18, 2017, when after a party, Rix, how he is known in the Internet, offered to accompany her home and then, without her consent, sexually abused her.

“I know it is complicated and it is frustrating. It is a process that emotionally has taken me a lot to digest and a part of me is very happy to have a chapter closure. As I have told you more than once, my purpose in speaking and telling my The story has always been to reach women who could live or be experiencing something similar, change something in the people who see me and take a burden and a burden off my shoulders that for years I dragged to different areas of my life, “said Nath Campos in a statement press.

The defendant decided to take advantage of an abbreviated procedure and after pleading guilty he was sentenced to three years and 20 days in jail, but he exercised his right as a first offender to access a bail of 30 thousand pesos to comply with the sentence in freedom.

The content creator has stated that she is proud to have completed the legal process and motivated other women to report their assailants.

“Today I am happy and satisfied with what it was in my hands to do and how far I could take it. I am and will always be infinitely grateful for all your support and love. A great part of my day-to-day driving force this year was that,” he said. .

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