“It’s Friday and the police know it”: the Swiss Ambassador answered Minister Frederic again

At the end of August, the Minister of National Security, Sabina Frederic, was consulted about a case of insecurity in the Buenos Aires town of Ituzaingó and, when asked if it was necessary to emigrate from the country to stop feeling fear, she made a controversial comparison : “Switzerland is calmer, but more boring”.

This phrase was not only criticized by different opposition leaders but also by his Buenos Aires counterpart, Sergio Berni, who accused her of being “screwed up with the whole pandemic” of the coronavirus. But what had the most impact was the reply made by the Swiss ambassador to Argentina, Heinrich Schellenberg.

On that occasion, the diplomatic representative used his official Twitter account to publish a video promoting tourism in the European country starring tennis player Roger Federer and actor Robert De Niro, with a short phrase: “The boring of Federer.” In the minute and a half of duration, the main attractions and landscapes are referenced, a plaque with the Swiss Alps in the background states: “When you need a vacation without drama, you need Switzerland.”

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