Itatí Cantoral with a Barbie-style pink latex mini dress, makes her 46 vibrate

Itatí Cantoral with a Barbie-style pink latex mini dress, makes her 46 vibrate. | PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

In a dreamy outfit, the gorgeous actress, famous for her unforgettable role as Soraya Montenegro in Maria from the neighborhood, Itatí Cantoral, dazzled with mini pink latex dress Barbie style, makes her 46-year-old vibrate, a real doll of flesh and blood!

Itatí Cantoral showed that at 46 she is better than ever, posing in a daring way for a video in which she looked like a Barbie with a dress It gave a plastic appearance, in a pink tone, like that of the most famous dolls in the world. The protagonist of La Mexicana and El Güero captivated with its beauty and charm.

In the video that the beautiful daughter of the singer Roberto Cantoral She shared through her Instagram account her transformation can be appreciated without a drop of makeup, until she became a beautiful doll that drew sighs and received endless compliments.

At the beginning, Itatí Cantoral appears without makeup drop and disheveled wearing only a bathrobe, and later, in a sequence shot, she appeared very glamorous with her cute outfit, combed and with an incredible makeup done by the favorite expert of celebrities , Vico Guadarrama.

“Name someone to take me to the emergency room that gives me something”, “You have me on your feet”, “Very beautiful even without makeup, the one who can”, “Nice skin without makeup you look so natural and beautiful, with make-up you frame them more ”,“ Beautiful natural and with make-up ”,“ And the years go by and she’s still a woman’s beauty ”, were some of the compliments she received.

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A new love?

Recently, the gorgeous actress in the play Alone in the dark, caused a stir by circulating compromising images with the young actor Sergio Bonilla, with whom, it was rumored, he has a sentimental relationship.

Questioned by the media, Itatí Cantoral He denied that there is anything more than friendship between them, although he acknowledged that he is a very handsome young man, but that they are only very good friends.

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“Yes, in the tacos. Don’t get the kiss … no, not the kiss yet. No (there is romance), note that I am a mother with three children and I do not like to talk about my private life at all. He is a wonderful companion, of course he is very handsome ”, she said.

For his part, Sergio Bonilla said he did not know about the photographs that circulated where he was supposedly living very closely with the ex-wife of Eduardo Santamarina, stating that he admires her very much and that there is a very good chemistry with her both on and off stage, but without going on to anything else.

“I don’t know about those photos, but I can tell you that we have a good friendship, we get along very well and then nothing else,” he said.

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