Itatí Cantoral wears short, platinum hair in pink Barbie heels

Itatí Cantoral She exuded glamor and elegance in a dazzling white dress with shoulder pads that accentuated her statuesque figure and exposed her shapely legs. The famous Mexican actress looked stunning from the forums of Televisa promoting the next broadcast of the reality show that adorns with its presence every Sunday.

The beautiful actress from Mexico City She shared her best pose through her official accounts wearing a sophisticated white dress with shoulder pads and gold buttons, long sleeves and a deep neck that she combined with spectacular long earrings and fabulous pink stilettos.

The renowned actress of 46 years old She posed with class and elegance during a photo shoot for Televisa Digital, sporting a bold and feminine short platinum wig and fantastic smoky makeup that highlighted her tanned cheeks and delicate nude lips.

Since last August 15, the talented Mexican actress, adorns with her presence the new reality show of Televisa called “The Challenger”, a singing, dancing and imitation competition program that airs every Sunday on the Canal de las Estrellas signal under the leadership of Consuelo Duval.

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Itatí Cantoral, Lucero and Mijares are the members of the panel of judges of the new television program that has been a success on Mexican television, and since its premiere, the actor’s ex-wife Eduardo Santamarina, has shared a series of promotional items in which she appears dressed in sophisticated outfits worthy of the catwalk.

Throughout his more than three decades of artistic career, Itatí Cantoral, has managed to win the affection and recognition of the public with his talent and personality. She is one of the most respected celebrities in the entertainment industry and in recent times has become one of the most popular celebrities on social media.

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Itatí Cantoral conquered the national audience in 1995 with his masterful personification of Soraya Montenegro de la Vega in the telenovela “Maria from the neighborhood” starring Thalía and Fernando Colunga, her impeccable performance catapulted her to international fame and established her as one of the best villains of all time.

A year later, she played the evil Cassandra Santillana Álvarez in the hit melodrama “You and I” starring Maribel Guardia and Joan Sebastian. And that same year, he made his big screen debut in the movie “Bonita”. It was in 1997 when he got his first leading role in the telenovela “Health money and love”.

The acclaimed Mexican actress studied acting at Televisa’s Center for Artistic Education and upon graduation she made her debut in the youth soap opera “Girls”. Months later he joined the cast of the hit melodrama “The Dreaming Rogue” starring Mariana Levy and Eduardo Palomo and quickly managed to position herself as one of the audience’s favorite faces.

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