“It seems that the changes in El Trece did not work”

A new Tuesday day passed, a new column by the journalist Laura Ubfal passed in The Compass 24. The specialist in topics of the Argentine show, as always, did not keep silent.

“There is much to comment on television, but the truth is that Telefe has been unbeatable again. The truth is that the changes in El Trece did not favor him ”, he stated at the beginning of his note.

And in detail, he talked about various topics.

Rada debuted, but the memes went to Barassi

He started with 8.5, went down and then managed to return to 8 towards the end, the debut of “Match Game” the new thing for El Trece with Rada driving.

The program had six personalities with whom the participants had to “match” responses: Rocío Marengo, Yayo, Mono de Kapanga, Julián Serrano, Carla Conte and Nati J and in competition with Vero Lozano it was very even, but Rada finishes half an hour before and had no advertising on its first shipment.

The trap of “Pasapalabra” with which he beat Barassi

Telefe was not going to let the debut of Darío Barassi overshadow the leading rating of “Pasapalabra” in its schedule and put aside the champion who had been winning the game last Friday, to put together a special edition with two beloved winners in the game.

Thus, Martina Barraza and Brian Parkinson faced each other in the rosco to the delight of the followers of the program, which managed to grow above 9 points, leaving behind “100 Argentinos dice” that reached peaks of 7.8.

Anyway, we will have to see what happens when Ivan de Pineda does not also have such bombastic guests as LIzy Tagliani, Roberto Moldavsky, Claudia Villafañe and Analía Franchín and compete with a regular program against eltrece.

The host of “100 Argentinos” was as great as ever and at the beginning of the program he asked his followers not to look at the “nut man” by de Pineda and said he had slept with all Ibope, with his usual humorous stamp.

They attacked Leo García for his sexuality

With several Instagram stories on his account, Leo García showed how he was beaten in his neighborhood, General Rodríguez, where he lives, for “throwing a gay wave” at a boy.

“How can they hit me like that, how can they hit Leo García,” said the singer, showing the wounds, stating that he will not denounce anyone.

In about twenty videos, Leo told the entire episode on his Instagram account, for the homophobic aggression in a bar called El Gran Capitán, by General Rodríguez.

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