Isla del Cerrito has a new sports beach and the work of the health center is progressing

In Isla del Cerrito, Governor Jorge Capitanich and Mayor José Luís García, inaugurated a sports playground and toured different works that are being carried out in the town, enabled works in a square and delivered elements to local entrepreneurs. “These are works that will undoubtedly improve the quality of life of each inhabitant of Isla del Cerrito, and we will continue to do so in every part of the province,” said the president.

First, Capitanich officially opened the works of the sports playground in the town. The space is prepared to practice soccer, basketball and volleyball, and consists of an area of ​​800 square meters covered with galvanized sheets, thanks to a reticulated metal structure 20 meters wide by 40 meters long. It demanded an investment of $ 28,113,532, with which the complete electrical installation and the provision of lighting were also carried out, according to the characteristics of the activities that will take place there.

“When a community is organized around a family, the school, the public space, the encounter is promoted, which leads to the construction of values. Sport is the best example of a healthy life, and with this beach we are encouraging young people to follow that path “, Capitanich valued.

What’s more, The president and the mayor toured the works in the health center, which are nearing completion. The project consists of the expansion of the previous building where the health center operated, which has historical architectural details that were attached to the new section built. It includes a waiting room, pharmacy, infirmaries, on-call offices, a vaccination center, an emergency guard, two hospital rooms and rooms for doctors and ambulance drivers.

Then The governor went to the new Plaza Héroes de Malvinas “Abel Ortiz”, where a commemorative mural and plaques to remember the ex-combatants were also discovered, and where the president partially enabled the works. In addition, a monument to the Falkland Islands with a waterfall was discovered. The public space has children’s games, recreational spaces and internal paths that promote social interaction and encounter.

In addition, in the opportunity, The authorities provided tools, supplies and equipment for 50 families within the framework of the entrepreneurial strengthening plan “We undertake todxs”. These are sewing machines, fryers, equipment for hairdressers, computer equipment and other elements that will allow promoting socio-productive projects in the town.

“We have already achieved that 5,700 entrepreneurs have access to vital elements for their activities. We want to support them so that they can continue to bring a plate of food to their homes and continue to strengthen the culture of work and social progress for all ”, Capitanich valued.

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