Isgro affirmed that each municipality will receive $40 million to carry out works during 2022

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In addition, Mario Isgro reaffirmed the commitment to continue working in coordination with the 18 municipalities to modernize public space and thus improve the quality of life of residents.

For her part, Ana Daher, Director of Territorial Governance declared: “these are non-reimbursable funds and initially, for a municipality to present a second project, it must have certified 50% of the first.”


Public works: Mario Isgro and Ana Daher during the presentation of the Municipal Infrastructure Program.

What will be the modality of execution of public works

One of the main points is linked to habitat improvement. This implies access to basic services, hydraulic works, interventions in social facilities such as schools, clubs and neighborhood centers

Works linked to sustainable mobility will also be prioritized, such as the construction of cycle paths, bus stops, pedestrian infrastructure (ramps, bridges, crossings, etc.).

Regarding urban connectivity, the renovation of roads, paving, accesses and signaling of different arteries is contemplated.

Finally, for the improvement of public space, the purchase and installation of urban furniture, lighting and construction of sidewalks is projected.

The municipality will present each project for the approval of the Ministry of Planning and Public Infrastructure. Then you will be granted a non-refundable financing to execute the work under inspection of the ministry itself.

It is important to note that projects will be financed of up to 40 million pesos for the 18 municipalities of the province.

Each commune You can request a second project once you have certified 50% or more of progress of the work in progress.

The works must have a construction period of no more than 12 months and the municipality must commit to start the bidding process for the works in 30 days, counted from the date of signing the PIM agreement, they reported,

All investments will be promoted by jointly using the provincial economic resources with the labor and/or machinery provided by the municipalities.

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