Is the heat wave ending ?: After a tiring weekend, relief would come

Salta, like the entire southern cone of the continent, comes from going through a week in hell itself. For several days now the high temperatures they affect almost the entire Argentine territory, exceeding 40 ° in certain cities.

This week the city registered temperatures of 32 ° that were on the rise, both in the thermometer and in the thermal sensation that overwhelmed a large part of the people of Salta. The Orange alert was registered this Thursday that reached a maximum of 35 ° being one of the days with the highest temperature and within an Orange alert issued by the National Meteorological Service.

This trend would continue in Salta until Monday since next week would come with thermal relief.

According to the National Meteorological Service, the forecast for this one Friday In Salta Capital it marks that the high temperatures will be maintained throughout the day. The maximum is set at 33 ° C, while the minimum would not drop below 17 ° C.

During the weekend Conditions would not vary much as a maximum of 32 ° C is anticipated for Saturday and 31 ° C for Sunday.

And the relief? Just starting next week, temperatures will begin to drop. On Monday they would remain high but without exceeding 27 ° C, while on Tuesday the decline could be more abrupt.

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