Is it José Antonio Kast? Daniella Chávez offered Free OnlyFans if her presidential candidate wins

Daniella Chavez He decided to make his political option transparent for the next elections. And so, he hinted that his candidate could be Jose Antonio Kast, since the bunny published a series of messages during the interview with the candidate of the Republican Party to La Moneda in Mega, in the space The candidate.

Thus, while he was answering questions, the blonde tweeted from her account several phrases that would have made her presidential preference clear.

I never talk about politics, what I say on my Twitter is simply: common sense! Wanting, Freedom, security, that the rights of all are fulfilled, that all have the same respect! And if that makes sense to you and you are looking for the same, we have only one option! Think of your children, ”he wrote.

The promises of Daniella Chávez

Then, the blonde communicated her great campaign promise: If my candidate wins my Onlyfans I will leave the content free for a week ”.

The statement left the big one on the platform, where it obtained more than 250 comments and four thousand “likes”.

Chávez then commented that “from now on they will try to lower the best candidate, especially the TV that is afraid. The tv that changed its entire grill for fear of death. The tv that has characters as idols just because they turned their jackets and the humble believe them “.

The model continued this Thursday with her opinions. And he posted that “when my family was pointed with guns at her head to steal a car, people wrote to me; that it was my fault for owning a Porsche, that the criminals were not to blame, that it was the government’s fault for not giving opportunities, that the problem was inequality ”.

And he added that “in the end they blamed me for provoking the criminal with my car. That I did not know how they lived! So the people of the left defended the criminal, imagine with a left government what would happen in Chile ”.

In this way, Daniella Chávez made her option to reach La Moneda more than clear. Will it deliver on its eye-catching promise?

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