Iris Aguilar warned about the attacks suffered by the vaccination staff against Covid

When he finished his work shift on Wednesday, in the middle of a siesta, Echegaray was chased for a block by a woman, about 45 years old, who aboard a Hilux truck did not lose footing to try to intimidate her. They were not only insults but also warnings against him.

To the screams, the aggressor claimed that she had wasted all morning without being able to vaccinate her son. Totally beside herself, she told the coordinator to look her in the eye, telling her that she would be “the last person she was going to see alive,” after pointing to her neck as if she were going to cut her throat.

The aggression was recorded by the security cameras of the place. Photos were even taken of the truck’s patent.

Celeste Echegaray.jpg

Celeste Echegaray, the coordinator of the City Vaccination, which works in the Federation of Box, received a death threat from a woman who wanted her son to be vaccinated without a shift.

From the City Vaccination Center, which operates in the Box Federation, they explained that the woman could not vaccinate her little one because she did not have an assigned shift and it was presented spontaneously.

At the moment, Echegaray is not attending to fulfill his task until progress is made in the investigation, as was officially reported.

“The mistreatment of vaccinators is not new since the vaccination started. More than a year ago I made the first complaint, what happened at the Box Federation vaccination was regrettable. We are going to remain firm with the complaints and we are not going to stop. Hopefully Justice will take the appropriate measures because he is a rude person. There may be criticism for the place, it is not nice, because the chair is not comfortable, for delays because shifts are not respected. But if we act with arrogance, we enter into a chaos that we will not allow, “Aguilar remarked when asked by Channel 7 of Mendoza.

Change of vaccination site

Since Tuesday, November 16, the Scale of the Cultural Ship went from the Mendoza Federation of Box, located in Miter street 1771 of the Capital. The opening hours are Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Saturdays and Sundays, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The transfer to the Mendoza Box Federation was made after the remodeling and conditioning during October of the facilities of the place. In this way, the vaccination campaign that the City has been carrying out will continue to be carried out.

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