Irina Baeva shows off a flat stomach in an animal print mini top

Irina Baeva shows off a flat stomach in a mini animal print top. | PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

If we talk about beauty, it is impossible not to mention the Russian actress Irina Baeva, who has managed to impress with her unique style and physical attractiveness, which she cares for and maintains with great effort, under a strict diet and physical activation. In her most recent publication in networks, the actress of the series The Dragon, show off her flat stomach in an animal print top, and fall in love.

The gorgeous fiancee of the Mexican actor Gabriel Soto, Irina Baeva, she wasted beauty and style with this simple garment with a summer design, but with the timeless pattern from experience that does not go out of style and adds a flirty, wild touch, and at the same time stylish and elegant, depending on how you combine it.

Through her Instagram Stories, Irina Baeva looked simple, but stunning, with the cute leopard animal print top with corrugated straps, which she combined with a black sports jogger, ideal to spill style, and at the same time be comfortable.

And it is that, the beautiful actress of Love came and Passion and Power He acknowledged having spent his day at home studying the script for his new project, after more than a year of absence from the small screen, after the success of the series El Dragón, where he shared credits with Renata Notni and Sebastián Rulli.

His return to the small screen

Now, she will act in a new soap opera alongside, neither more nor less than her future husband, actor Gabriel Soto, who will be named I’ll wait for you there, produced by Angelli Nesma, and which promises to make you fall in love with its plot, as it includes novel and very interesting topics such as migration, disability, human trafficking and the LGBT movement, among others.

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Although Irina Baeva He assured that at the moment he cannot reveal many details in this regard, it is known that the recordings will begin before the end of the year, approximately in mid-October, since its premiere is scheduled for next January 17, 2022.

The telenovela will feature the participation of great actors such as Eva Cedeño as the protagonist, along with Gabriel, as well as Andrés Palacios who will be the villain. Regarding the role of Irina Baeva, Angelli Nesma spoke in an interview.

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“Since I started seeing Eva Cedeño I liked her a lot because she is a very fresh girl. With me it would be the third novel, and it makes a nice couple with Gabriel Soto and Andrés Palacios. And we also have Irina Baeva, who will be Gabriel Soto’s wife in the novel, ”he revealed.

Irina Baeva shows off a flat stomach in a mini animal print top. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

Irina Baeva shows off a flat stomach in a mini animal print top. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

It is definitely a story that we cannot miss, in which, in addition to touching on sensitive and strong issues that currently affect many people, it promises to show a beautiful love story with a high-level acting quality.

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