Invite everyone! Lyn May announces her wedding to Markos D1 in Las Vegas

MEXICO.- After causing a sensation in the entertainment media with her news of the alleged pregnancy, now Lyn May surprises her followers by reporting on social networks that you plan to marry your current partner.

The star and her boyfriend, Marcos Hernández, known by his stage name Markos D1, with whom she began dating in 2019, when the singer asked her to appear in the music video for his song “Borracho”.

It was through his Instagram account that May revealed that the wedding would take place early next year in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada.. Perhaps his emotion was so great that he invited Internet users to the ceremony and celebration. “I invite you to my wedding, February 14, 2022. In Las Vegas,” he wrote in the description along with several images with who would be his fiancé.

Among the comments on the post, several Platform users expressed their joy for the star and congratulated the couple for taking the next stepThey even gave some advice so that the dancer’s pregnancy is not harmed.

The news of Lyn May continues to cause a stir among her followers and the media, and it is that to date the veracity of her pregnancy at 68 years old is unknownIn addition to the fact that previously, Markos D1 had denied having any kind of romantic relationship with Liliana Mendiola.

However, now they announce that they will be getting married very soon, so several question the reality of the matter or if it is an advertising strategy.

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