Investigate the theft of Alimentar Cards in Metán

The controversy and scandal was generated last month, from theft of 18 cards from the Alimentar plan from a municipal agency in Metán, it was confirmed that they began to replace the plastics to the beneficiaries.

They mysteriously disappeared last month from one of the Social Development offices, which is in charge of María José Bernis, who had filed the corresponding complaint.

If Metán Investigation Brigade intervenes. In the last hours it was confirmed that the investigations point to a possible internal robbery, although it is not the only line of investigation. This generated a stir and unleashed a fierce intern in Social Development.

“The stolen cards were canceled and nobody used them because they were blocked. Last Friday they restored the 18 plastics. We are locating the beneficiaries and making the delivery personally, ”Bernis confirmed to El Tribuno.

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“The benefit is $ 6,000 if they have one child, 9,000 if there are two and $ 12,000 if there are three or more. I filed the complaint last month because we were missing 18 cards that were arranged in alphabetical order. I immediately contacted the Social Development of Salta so that they would be blocked by the National Bank, ”said the Metán Social Development official. One of the injured beneficiaries

“I am one of the beneficiaries whose card was stolen. They gave it to me last Monday and I had no problem, only the delay because it had disappeared. I have two children and I earn $ 9,000. I was afraid of losing the amount because I need the money to do the shopping, but everything was resolved well, “said a neighbor from Meta.

“It was a surprise to me when they said they had stolen 18 cards. I had gone to pick up mine and they told me they were going to take it to my house. But then I found out on the radio that they had been stolen. Later I confirmed in the Social Development office that among those who had disappeared was mine ”, he pointed out.

Still looking for 13 card holders

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