Internacional played an epic match against Flamengo and fell 8-7 with 4 seconds remaining

Internacional FC, futsal club from Río Gallegos, current runner-up in the Division of Honor of AFUSA Río Gallegos, a club that was one of the Santa Cruz representatives in the Copa Franca Austral, developed by the Madrynense Futsal Association, in which they managed to qualify for 8th-finals as the last seed, therefore, he faced the best team in the group stage, the powerful Flamengo of Comodoro Rivadavia, against whom he was defeated but standing up, since he offered a very high-voltage match which escaped him. 4 seconds from the end.

The Santa Cruz team raised a high intensity game, stick and stick against a rival who has a long experience in this type of tournament and who knows that everything can happen until the last second and that is how 4 seconds from the end he managed to mark the distance that would be final and put the final 8-7 of one of the best games of the day.

In this way and with the defeats of Camioneros de Caleta Olivia against Independiente Rivadavia de Mendoza and Gregores FC against Andes Talleres, also from Mendoza, Santa Cruz was left without representatives in the remainder of the tournament where several of the club-level powers of the National futsal were present and fight for the cup of this first edition of the prestigious tournament held in Puerto Madryn.

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