Intense traffic on the routes on the return from the extra long weekend

The routes throughout the country present intense traffic in the return of the more than 4 million tourists who took advantage of the long weekend.

Especially on highway 2, which connects Mar del Plata with the City of Buenos Aires, in addition to various towns in the Costa district, there is a large traffic flow.

The head of the Argentine Chamber of Tourism (CAT), Gustavo Hani, considered today that it is “comforting to see how the engine of tourism is working fully again” and reiterated that a preliminary report shows that the tourist movement during the long weekend was record.

“It was one of the best long weekends we had in years, it is really comforting to see how the tourism engine is working fully again because the country needs it,” Hani said.

Meanwhile, from CAT they assured that the tourist exodus was intense in all the routes of the country, and that from the main urban centers “the flow of cars was permanent since Thursday afternoon with the accesses full.”

During the day, long-distance transport services were authorized to circulate with full seat occupancy and, from Aerolineas Argentinas, they specified that the flights are about to reach 80% of the capacity they offered in the prepandemic for cabotage.

For Hani, “the opening and flexibilization announcements throughout the country, as a result of a sharp drop in infections by Covid19, were fundamental for this recovery, but the fact that they occurred on the date did not allow the even reactivation of all destinations “,

In addition, with a view to the 2021-2022 summer holidays, the launch of the second edition of the Pre-trip program stands out, which has already exceeded one million beneficiaries and in just three weeks, vouchers for more than 17 billion pesos were entered, which represents 70% more than the total turnover in 2020.

For his part, the second vice president of CAT, Aldo Elías, said today that “it is the best long weekend of the last ten years.”

“We have had an incredible weekend, 4.2 million tourists are visiting the country. It is the best long weekend in the last 10 years,” said the businessman who considered that “the tranquility of vaccination, with the decline of infections and deaths, is adding so that this activity can be developed and demonstrating the economic potential of this industry “. And he said that “the sector is responding very well” to the demands of tourists.

“We have high expectations for the high season, because in addition we will also have enabled the arrival of tourists from abroad,” he said in statements to Radio Provincia, after which he considered that the Pre-trip Program “is the best tool we had in history from this country”

“It had the virtue of favoring everyone: Argentines who travel, businessmen and the State because it is based on formality,” he remarked. and when consulted regarding the excesses in prices that some merchants applied, he expressed that “tourists do not have to be partners of those who are fueled by prices. There are many options to choose from. From the Chamber of Tourism we cannot do anything” .

“We are working to target the return of the items that were relegated, such as graduate trips. Any action that promotes tourism ends up having a very favorable impact on the destination’s economy,” he concluded.

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