Intel’s 12th Gen Celeron matches Core i9-10900k in single-core benchmark

The most basic model of the Alder Lake line shows the evolution of Intel in recent years

Although Intel’s Core line usually takes the spotlight when it comes to the company’s technologies, she continues to bet on more modest models like the Pentium and Celeron. And, depending on what the results recorded by Geekbench 5 show, there are good reasons to keep an eye on these devices, especially the model Celeron GC6900.

Sold at US$ 42 and featuring two Golden Cove cores, the model does not bring technology such as Hyper Treading, nor the boost seen in other models of the manufacturer, operating at a fixed frequency of 3.5 GHz. However, this did not prevent it from being able to in display similar results to the mighty Core i9-10900k in benchmarks evaluating single-core CPU performance, as long as the right conditions are met.

To get to the result, the Celeron GC6900 was used together with the ASRock Z690M Phantom Gaming 4 motherboard, which allowed it to raise its frequency to 4.4 GHz. The device was also paired with 16GB of RAM (frequency not disclosed), getting 1,391 and 1,408 points in Geekbench 5 single-core tests – in comparison, the Core i9-10900k has an average score of 1,393 in the same test.

Tests show evolution of Intel hardware

While the performance of the two GPUs may be similar in benchmarks, in practice, the device of the Celeron line does not even come close to the power of the Core i9-10900k. Despite being based on an older architecture, it features a more generous amount of processing cores and technologies that help it deliver significantly more power.

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That doesn’t mean the test doesn’t have its merits: it shows how the 12th Generation (Alder Lake) Core line has evolved from the 10th Generation (Comet Lake) and brings benefits even for hardware considered entry-level. According to tests, the single Core performance of the G6900 is only 5% smaller than AMD’s Ryzen 5 5600G (Zen 3 a 4.4 GHz), slightly surpassing the Ryzen 7 3800XT (Zen 2 a 4,7 GHz).

The Celeron G6900 is considered the most basic entry model of the 12th Generation of Core line processors., and should hardly be present in a setup specialized in games. However, it is representative of the evolutions that the CPU market has had in recent years, and gives good prospects of the gains that Intel’s latest lineup can bring.


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Source: Tom’s Hardware, PC Gamer

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