Instagram: this new function allows you to prioritize the content of your favorite accounts

How many times has it happened that our favorite content from Instagram Sometimes you step on someone else who doesn’t interest us so much? Although each user follows hundreds of accounts, they all have that small group that publishes what they like the most according to their tastes, habits and preferences. To conserve its community, the application worked on a new function that will allow each user to put together a separate list with your favorite accounts, and so on not miss a post.

In this way, the content of the accounts in this list will be the first to appear in the ‘Feed’, the home page, as well as in the stories. The function, as its meaning implies, will be called “Favorites“and will allow users to select those contacts or creators from whom they want to know the latest news each time they access the social network.

The favorites list will be identified with its own icon and those who wish will be able to create it. Inside, there will also be a search bar and a section for suggestions based on user activity. The instagram algorithm it knows their tastes perfectly and will suggest to the user the accounts that could be of their preference.

Recently, the CEO of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, explained the rationale behind the algorithm, introduced in 2016: “We want to make the most of your time, and we believe that using technology to personalize your experience is the best way to do it”.

The information was not disclosed by the company but it is a leak, so it is not known exactly when it will be available. The photography network did not say a word about it, but the developer Alessandro Paluzzi He has had access to screenshots showing this new feature and has spread them through his Twitter account.

If this update is applied, the algorithm will hardly have to choose by the user which accounts are of interest to them. He will be the one who selects his favorite accounts and decides what content he wants to see primarily.

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