Instagram: stories will last 60 seconds – Apps – Technology

Just about this element, its ‘backbone’, Instagram released a novelty that is just beginning to appear among users: the stories will last much longer than the 15 seconds established for a long time.


The ‘stories’ of the popular application became an attraction that was even replicated by other apps at the time.

As is already known, this platform function had a maximum function of 15 seconds. As on many occasions there was not enough time to ‘tell something’, users created the number of stories they required, something like a sort of ‘parts‘of the same story.

Well, Instagram will give you 1 minute to the users for the recording of the stories.

And just with the aforementioned impediment, the ‘app’ announced the change in the function. An Instagram ad has appeared to many Internet users that says: “We are presenting longer stories. 60 second videos will no longer be divided into segments”.

It is worth saying that this is valid both for videos that are recorded immediately and for saved footage that wants to get on the stories.

Regarding the duration of videos, TikTok, a social network promoted during the first major restrictions of the pandemic – but which already had a history of unusual popularity since 2019 – also increased the duration of its clips: now users will be able to upload videos up to three minutes.

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