Inspiring Guatemalan Women

Science, business, sports, culture, art, etc., are the areas that have been played by a series of women who have inspired the creation of the book collection that is aimed at students from fourth to sixth grade.
It will include biographies of prominent Guatemalan women who are part of the Leer y Aprender Project, which was prepared by the Ministry of Education, in collaboration with USAID.

In the three books that have been presented, in the series, women are shown who have made an effort to realize their dreams, but have also contributed to the investigations of the country.

From their spaces they have advanced in projects around the world, with which they contribute to the care of the environment, technological advances in nanotechnology and biotechnology.

The Ministry of Education, through collaboration with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), decided to implement the books, to promote the image of women in science and serve to promote child safety, copies are expected to be distributed nationally and free of charge.

The Read and Learn Project seeks to ensure access of children, especially indigenous children, and rural youth outside the school system, to quality education. Books can be download for free and are specific for children 10 years and older and in the last grades of primary school.

An inspiration is Pamela Pennington, a woman of science

It tells the story of the doctor, Pamela Penningtonn, who is director of the Center for Studies in Biotechnology (CEB) at the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala and the events that, from her childhood, led her to become a great scientist.

With fun language and eye-catching illustrations, it aims to inspire girls, from the classroom, to discover and succeed in science.

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A traveling scientist is Susana Arrechea

This book is about Susana’s life and her scientific work. She has devoted herself to nanotechnology. In this book, children will learn how you discovered that you liked math. In addition, they will learn about his travels and his work in the laboratory, where he is dedicated to studying small materials.

Her work has taken her to travel the world, where she has been one of the main exponents in nanotechnology, which is the science of manipulating matter at an atomic and molecular scale to solve problems.

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Scientists who jump into the water

Inspiring Guatemalan Women

It refers to the life and work of five Guatemalan scientists: Paula Echeverría, Karla Paz, Yasmín Quintana, Alejandra Morales and Indira Barreno. They tell their adventures in the field of science and explain how to improve, from their specialty, to change the world. They investigate, think, observe everything around them and analyze how to improve the conditions of maritime life.

Paula Echeverria wondered since she was little “What secret can be hidden at the bottom of a lake?”, Which helped her define the path she was going to take and where it has led her, she currently resides in Ireland, where she motivates women girls and young readers have them follow their dreams and set out on their journeys.

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