Inspection in five stockpiles: they found stolen telephone and electrical cables

In the framework of an investigation into the theft and theft of cell phone and electrical power cables, inspections were carried out in the last hours in five stockpiles of ferrous materials in Bahía Blanca.

The procedures – in charge of the Fifth section of the Noroeste neighborhood – took place in the warehouses located in Pacífico y Patricios, Roca 1990, Fortín Caruhue 669, 17 de Mayo 1892 and Charlone 2450/2600, and were carried out jointly by personnel from all local police stations, the Ecological Police, the Municipal Authorities area and EDES.

At the Charlone 2450/2600 depot, which was closed, inspectors found 120 meters of 3 x 35 50mm preassembled stranded cables; a roll of 50mm aluminum unipolar cable. with home presses and morcetos; and three 1 x 95mm 13.2KW aluminum dry underground cables, with HVT 152 terminals, which were reported as stolen by EDES from the facilities on Avenida Colón 1900.

In the summary proceedings, the Functional Unit of Instruction and Trial No. 8 intervenes and, in the case of infractions, the Court of Misdemeanors was informed.

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